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130+ Funny Group Chat Names for your Gang!

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With the advent of social media networking sites way back in the early years, people learned how to communicate extensively over these platforms funny group chat that uses the internet.

The social media platforms were used to share their every day activities by sharing statuses, pictures of their life events, and post comments on the posts, pictures shared by others.

Earlier, the messaging applications were only limited to messaging with each other. But, with the improvement in the coding technologies, the messaging applications became a miniature version of the social media websites.

The only difference between the social networking site and the messaging applications is that one cannot contact a person unless they know the phone number when it comes to messaging applications. But a person can contact a user on a social networking site if they know the name alone.

The person can either contact a user either individually or they can form groups and contact each other. With every new version of WhatsApp being released, the number of people who are added in a group keeps increasing.

Earlier, either 5 or 10 of them can be added in a group at the maximum but in the later versions that were released more than 1000 of them can be added to a group conversation.

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Why Friends form Group chat and Set Funny Names? 

Earlier, when people move to various parts of the world, they lose contact with their friends. With the coming in of the messaging applications, they were happy that they can maintain contacts even if they had moved to all corners of the world in pursuit of their dreams.

These messaging applications reassured the idea that one need not miss out on their life when they wish to focus on their professional life.

To add some fun elements to their life, the friends formed groups in the messaging applications and share every light moment of their everyday activities.

So, the name of the group should be incoherence with the content being shared in the group. This is how a person can use the same phone number for the messaging application over which even non-professional communication can take place.

The amount of data that can be shared in these messaging groups were limited to a certain amount in the earlier days. But, with the advent of a cloud platform where the data can be uploaded onto it and the messaging application can be used to handle heavy data.

Group Chat Names for Family Members

  1. Chats with Brats
  2. Cute cousins
  3. My dear sisters
  4. Family No 1
  5. Across Borders
  6. We are The Best Family
  7. Always together
  8. Heir Apparent’s
  9. Family Gang
  10. My Bros
  11. The Grub Club
  12. Crazy Family
  13. The Cousin Colony
  14. Cussing Cousins

Group Chat Names for Teams

  1. Goal Diggers
  2. Runderpants
  3. Running on Empty
  4. Smells Like Team Spirit
  5. Hit for Brains
  6. Cleats & Cleavage
  7. Sons of Pitches
  8. Scared Hitless
  9. One Hit Wonders
  10. Run Like the Winded
  11. Run Long and Perspire
  12. Road Runners
  13. Rapid Thigh
  14. Role Models
  15. Forty ‘n Fit
  16. Get ‘er Run
  17. Get Fit or Die Trying
  18. Got the Runs
  19. Gym Class Heroes
  20. HAR.T. – Haulin

Group Chat Names for Friends

  1. Wondering Minds
  2. Friends Forever
  3. The Back Benchers
  4. 3 Idiots
  5. Buddies for Life
  6. Best Buddies for life
  7. Nonsense Group
  8. ABCD Friends
  9. Best School Friends
  10. The Spartans
  11. We tie until we Die
  12. X Mate
  13. Devils VS Angels
  14. Masti Maza
  15. Counter-Strike Batch
  16. Life and Music
  17. So-Called Engineers
  18. Chatter Box
  19. Enter at your Risk
  20. Teenagers
  21. Fabulous Friends

Group Chat Names for Ladies

  1. Jugs and Thugs
  2. Ladies from the 80’s
  3. I-B-Pro-Fun
  4. Dashing Divas
  5. Hell on Heels
  6. Heart & Sole
  7. My So-Called Legs
  8. Nerd Herd
  9. Peanut Butter
  10. Jugs-a-Jogging
  11. Not Our First Rodeo
  12. Naptime at the Finish Line
  13. Not Fast, Just Furious
  14. Jelly Legs
  15. Miles to Martinis
  16. Pain Killers
  17. Madams of Mayhem
  18. Luck B 4 Ladies
  19. Mind over Miles
  20. PokeyMoms
  21. Happy Feet

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Very Funny Group Chat Names

  1. CU My Pace
  2. 50 Shades of Awesome
  3. Big Test Icicles
  4. Blondes Have More Run
  5. Are We There Yet?
  6. Buns on the Run
  7. Dangerous Curves
  8. Bringing Up the Rear
  9. Crouching Runner, Hidden Van
  10. Baby Got Track
  11. Chafing the Dream
  12. Blister Sisters
  13. Bodyglide, Blisters and Bengay
  14. Cunning Stunts
  15. Between a Walk and a Hard Pace
  16. Agony of De Feet
  17. Cough, Hack, Wheeze
  18. Chicks with Kick

All-Time Best Funny Group Chat Names

  1. Pimp My Side
  2. Food lovers
  3. Lost & found
  4. Truths beyond eyes
  5. Dream Killers
  6. Mumbaikars
  7. Teens for Truth
  8. Tech Ninjas
  9. Hotness overload
  10. Smoking Aces
  11. Mother India
  12. The Trouble Makers
  13. Join at your own risk
  14. Rockstar
  15. Jurassic park
  16. Keep “typing…”
  17. The Don
  18. Soup Dragons
  19. Bad Intentions
  20. Bird’s eye
  21. Pin drop nonsense
  22. Cunning People
  23. Growing up
  24. Vicious and Delicious
  25. Tenacious Turtles
  26. The Cereal Killers
  27. Lips don’t lie
  28. Blessing in disguise
  29. Area 51 – Strictly Private
  30. Country’s future weapons
  31. Grim Reapers
  32. Message at your own risk
  33. Grilling
  34. Gangnam Style
  35. The Chamber of Secrets

Types of Funny Chat Groups

The funny group’s chat is formed within the friend’s gang for various purposes and the kind of funny chat groups depend on the purpose for which the group was formed.

  • Reunion 

When the friends are planning to catch up after leaving school/college, then they wish to recall all the beautiful memories they had accumulated over the years.

So, when they form groups in WhatsApp, they can share all the pictures they had taken during the school years and have great conversations over it. They can name the chat group using some funny names they use back in the school days repeatedly.

  • Birthday 

There are a lot of times when a friend’s gang decides to throw a birthday bash to the other person in the gang. The gang which is planning to throw a bash wants to plan the event well beforehand and they can form a funny WhatsApp group chat and name it in a very funny manner.

  • Farewell 

Farewell groups are not all fun and frolic. But when a gang is departing and moving ahead in life, they want to enjoy with each other by recalling some of the best moments they had together during their course of time in college or school.

So, some really funny group names can be thought of instead of something which makes you mourn very deeply.

  • Marriage 

When a friend is getting married, then it calls for a high celebration mood. So, an extremely funny name can be thought of for the WhatsApp group. For instance, the nicknames of the people getting married can be used together and made into a very funny group name.

  • Engagement 

When two people are getting engaged, it means that it is time for celebration for the couple whereas the friends of those who are getting engaged, it means its time for some rib-tickling moments. So, a funny group name for the WhatsApp group does the magic.

Should Funny Group chats only remain Funny? 

When a group chat is formed to share only the light moments, it is best to keep it only funny. If you wish to make the conversation a bit serious, then you need to change the name of the WhatsApp group in something bit serious.

Also, the name of the funny group chat should be in coherence with the kind of conversations being held in the group.

Also, when you are sharing funny content in the group, you need to take extra care to make sure that the content doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

In the name of sharing funny content, it is not a great idea to share stuff which the other person might perceive in a very wrong manner.

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Can one form group chats only on WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp is one of the highly used messaging platforms, people tend to form group chat over this platform mostly. But there are a lot of other messaging platforms using which group chat can be held.

Social media networking sites can be used for funny group chat as well. Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat are some of the photo-sharing websites which in the later stage became one of the best avenues to have group conversations.

A funny group chat is made the funniest by sharing some highly hilarious memes. The kind of memes that are shared over these platforms should be of very good quality and not hurt the sentiments of anyone.

When you are having a funny group chat on social media networking websites like Instagram, then it is very much easy to share memes over these platforms.

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